I have for a long time been passionate about empowering the youth of this country. Being one myself, I know the challenges we go through on a daily basis and it has always been my prayer to get a platform where I can articulate these challenges in a forum for consideration. It is my personal opinion that as youth we don’t need fish but rather be shown how to fish.

Through this approach not only do we take part in and own a process of addressing our challenges but it is also a sustainable way of addressing our problems. I believe that being the hard workers that we are as youth, there is nothing we can’t accomplish when provided with opportunities and initial resources to set what believe can rid us off poverty. From my interactions the with youth in this country in different forums including the Youth Senate where I am a patron, I noticed that we have great ideas that if actualized will not only lead to our empowerment but also play a critical role in upgrading the economic status of this country.

My fellow youth, we must stand up for one another regardless of where we come from or our political beliefs. It is only through US that we can better ourselves. The notion that your tribal alignment fortifies your chances of success and provides you with social security is not only archaic but also misplaced. You will realise that many a times, the person who comes to your rescue when you are troubled is someone else other than your tribe mate. I say this from experience!

Fellow youth, we must agree to be aligned as Kenyans’ first before any other alignments. Today I begin a journey that will provide me with an opportunity to present issues affecting the youth for consideration at a legislative forum. I know this is not an easy journey. However, I also understand that with the push of the youth of this country, this is going to be one of the easiest tasks I undertake.

The force and positive energy that emanates from the youth of this country cannot be underestimated. Not only can the ideas we have play a critical role in improving governance and economic sustenance in this country but also bring out the innovations we own which are yet to be explored! We are an idle but rich volcano of great constructive ideas and innovations  waiting to be recognized and tapped! Our dormancy can arguably be attributed to the lack of a forum for exposure where our ideas can be explored and utilized. It is for this reason that I am certain that we will succeed when offered the avenue and opportunity to be tried and tested.

My dear youths, I want you to remember that while it is my wholehearted wish to represent you to the best of my capabilities, I am human and I may error at times. When this happens, do not give up on me, instead play an advisory role and bring me back to the right path. It is my take that positive criticism with feasible advise and practical solutions fronted triggers righteousness in us and makes us better people.  I count on you and I feel great commencing this journey knowing that I am not alone; I have you on my side to give me the strength and wisdom I require for this mandate! The youth power in the house!

Hon Gideon Keter
Member of Parliament

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