‚ÄčAbout Us

‚ÄčLearn more about Youth Senate, our mission and core values.

Youth Senate works to have a generation of involved informed and empowered youth in Kenya. Founded in 2014 as a youth led non-political, non-governmental organisation with current membership of 47,000 young people across the 47 counties in Kenya.

We believe that our generation will spearhead the change that Kenya and Africa as a whole, has been waiting for. We demonstrate that our generation has a distinct relevance in improving conditions, uplifting standards and bringing progress in Kenya.


To inspire people about the positive contribution that young people can make to their communities our nation and the world.
To empower young people with skills, knowledge, and confidence to advance their rights and views to take part in decision-making.

Core Values

  • Service beyond self
  • Respect for Youth Rights
  • Maintain a vision
  • Responsibility
  • Cooperation beyond borders
  • Public mindedness
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Non-profit Integrity
  • Comprehensive viewpoint
  • Volunteerism