In a world that human perception is of free will and often emphasizes on optimism amidst bombarding challenges, the youth has been part fraction of the affected. Now what happens after graduation? What happens now that one has ‘finished’ part of what the system required? Here comes the Helb loans payment plan (remember on is required to start remitting this immediately after graduation), Who is willing enough to employ a fresh graduate and entrust them with those company files and that good pay that comes with it? Rhetorical indeed.
Keeping in mind most job openings require a few years of experience in the relevant field of study, you beg to ask where are this years of experience to be gathered if the fresh graduate cannot be trained enough. Knowledge and skill chain to each other hence the need to have mechanisms that equip this mind with what exactly is expected of them not expecting one to equip himself without guidance.
Mentorship hence is the only tool the youth can utilize so as to gain enough experience both mentally and in practicality. The youths can only grow if the fire in them is ignited. This only needs requisite amounts of resources which given a thought do not cost much only dedication and selflessness. I believe mentorship is part of creating a better version of you in attainment of human set goals. Furthermore I believe the modern youth who has been mentored and given a chance can be what the society has long longed for. This cuts across every sector of the economy: political, economic and socio-culture.
As the world sets focus on global goals agenda, let us not forget that for you to have a sustainable perpetual long running economy, the youths of that economy must be equipped enough with skills relevant to the current economies. The youths must be given enough time and resources to enable them grow. There is need for strategies both from the national and county governments that transparently outline defined opportunities for the youth. We are a fast growing economy which basically depends on the majority youth population as a backbone source of human resource therefore need to equip this select population adequately.
For a corrupt free society, a sane business friendly environment and a vibrant economy growing steadily we need to have mentorship. This will aid in preparing the youth to take this roles in the coming days. A prepared equipped mind free from stone-age ills of misappropriation and greed is what this growing economy needs. The society needs to be optimistic that the Kenyan youth can perform and has performed tremendously where needed. The mentorship culture needs to be employed from both the government and non-government. The youth deserve to be believed in, trained and subjected to performance assessment deep through their post-secondary curriculum to the after graduation years. Let the youths be the change we as a country desire.
“For one to have a sack of maize the farmer will need more than water ”- Abagusii saying.

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