Have you ever experienced a similar problem repeatedly and solved it temporarily yet it can be done away with once and for all? Definitely you have. It feels bad when you encounter such situations, seeking help from people you know can be in position to help but in the end they let you down. If they offer to help, they do it for the moment and not solve it permanently. They do this to bait you and command your loyalty. Because we have nowhere to run to, we are obliged to always go by their word even though we never intended to be their allies.
Situations that put us in a state like these include illnesses that can be cured but we can’t afford the bills. We always run to them for help when we are upset. We end up living in denial. We all wish to come out of such situations even though it doesn’t come easy. If we succeed, I am of the opinion that we treat people with such needs better next time. Let’s not subject them to the same treatment in revenge. Our efforts will definitely be rewarded some point in time. You never know what the future holds.
Our political leaders have always held us at ransom based on the fact that many people are unable to keep their children in school comfortably due to their inability to pay up fees on time. We end up trooping their homesteads and offices seeking their help and promise them our votes if they help us out of the problem we are in. Definitely, they’ll be happy that they have a secret weapon to winning back to back in elections. They end up promising to help us and postpone these pledges to a time when elections are close and go round saying they have helped so and so educate their son or daughter. In real sense, they gave out a very small amount of money in the name of bursary to win your vote.
Take an example of a parallel degree student in a private university who is supposed to pay university fee of ksh. 180,000 for a single academic year. Here comes a Member of Parliament (MP) of a given Constituency, through the CDF Committee awards him Ksh. 5,000. Do you consider that a relieve or a relief? I would say it’s a relief. On the other hand, a secondary school student whose annual fees in a day school is the same and is awarded Ksh. 12,000 because they got a person they know in that Committee. The result is, without blackmail, the chances of the secondary school student proceeding to tertiary education are very minimal based on the standards we all understand in our system. It therefore becomes a wasted investment.
What if we would sit down and draw up a plan to help pay fees for struggling university students in our constituencies by half. Definitely, they are not many and so we can make it to help them to commendable status too. They may be finalists who’ve failed to graduate because of the huge fee balances. They’ll come to the ground, hustle their ways out and clear their balances and thus graduate. Having known the hustles of getting money, they won’t be selective in jobs and that means they are likely to rise in a very short time.
As the saying goes, ‘people will forget all you did but will never forget how you made them feel’. Instruments of power do change hands and those who were in the bursary committees’, when we needed their help, may be in the cold at the moment and require our help. They will be tempted to send us various invites on different aspects. Our response? Your guess is as good as mine. We’ll remember how they made us feel by awarding you Ksh. 5,000 because you didn’t belong to their lineage. Much worse, a very bad attitude will be implanted in you ending up being the perpetrators of tribalism, hate and nepotism.
Do we want to put this to an end? Then we’ve got to treat people equally and learn to solve the most urgent needs first. Let us consider loaning this needy student an amount that they will be able to graduate. It may be the only thing that stands between them and a great job opportunity. If we do, they’ll have the motivation to always help and in return give back to society with the view that no one else should undergo the hustles they did during their school days.
We will definitely appreciate their efforts since they will feel obliged to help others as they owe their success to us, without whom they would not have completed school and gotten employed. Thus, it is important to note that relieving people gives them liberty and opens up their hearts to help others unconditionally. On the other hand, relief makes people vulnerable since they feel disrespected. We should therefore endeavor to relieve people at all times. We’ll have a better society that co-exists as one people without differences. What do you think? Can we make this happen? I believe we can.

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