Fellow youth, today I would like us to set a strategic plan that will force
this people to take us seriously. As we all know, most if not all of them
are power-hungry. We can stop them only if we embrace the ideas of YSK and
speak in one voice.


Have you heard of YSK in your county, sub-county, ward or village? If not,
please hold on. We are coming for you to join the change movement of the
youth, by the youth and for the youth. We seek to be included in drafting
of the development agenda and bury non-inclusion of the youth once and for


Being a non-political organization that seeks to reach out to all
individuals aged between 16 and 35, we sure will be the people calling the
shots in all sectors by the time we get to the next general elections. Why
then shouldn’t we embrace this idea of strategizing for our future? We make
up over 50% of the total population. This means we can dictate everything
in our favour if only we had well-laid structures. YSK has come up with
this structure to net all the youth from the village to the nation at
large. The civic education and empowerment offered will liberate us.


An empowered youthful generation will be hungry for whatever its been
lacking yet it deserves. Do you think we will remain the same if we speak
as one? Definitely not. We will then change the system to favour us from
top to bottom and do whatever we wish with it. Remember, YSK will outlive
us. Redundancy will crumble our system as well as the upcoming generation
will do the same thing we did to the previous systems. Don’t forget that at
least 467,000 youth are impacted on yearly by YSK. Don’t underrate this
numbers in a democracy. We are on the right path as far as youth + power is
concerned only if we support YSK’s vision of uniting and making the youth
informed. It’s the only group that has proved to put the interest of the
youth first before self interests. NYC is a sham of what we expect from it.


To our dear politicians, we understand you love the influence and goodies
that come along with the positions you hold. Don’t underrate the influence
YSK has on the people. Having no security detail around them makes them
darlings of the people. The ‘senator’ title freezes people at grassroots
level and people get attracted at how they engage them indiscriminately.
Your security detail repels people from you and attracts people to the
humble junior senators. A system may be coming down. I can see this coming.
Whoever is in doubt of this can deposit it with chase bank on fixed deposit
basis and make a withdrawal in 2022. All politicians who will not embrace
the youth will be out of office.


It’s better to know what the youth want by getting it from the horse’s
mouth. Without which, please don’t blame your opponents of rigging when the
youth decide to install them as leaders for having embraced their
ideologies. It’s all about being smart. Engage the youth starting from YSK.


We can’t downplay the fact that each and everyone of us will always have a
preferred candidate when they are taken into a polling booth. What do you
think of aspirants who will engage the youth in drafting their manifesto as
well as presence in their campaign trails? What of those who support YSK
activities? I bet the youth will feel honoured and decide to stand by them.
I beg you to be smart if you care about your chances of re-election from
2022 going forward. YSK is enlightening the youth on daily basis on how to
be people who call the shots. As you all know, our country’s voting
patterns are determined by our political patrons. Do you think the youth
will ignore the voice of YSK? A movement that is all out to make the youth
a people of substance? The wave that will sweep away your influence is
still doing press-ups in the Indian Ocean. Time will tell.


To the youth, please don’t lose sight of the prize ahead. YSK is here to
redeem us. We are so close…we’ve never been this close. 2022 is just 5
years away. From independence, we have not been closer to leadership like
we are. Let’s hope the leadership of YSK doesn’t betray us by falling for
the allure of quick money and join the bandwagon of people who’ve always
blocked us from getting to the promised land. I believe God’s time is
always best and the time is neigh. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


If YSK doesn’t liberate us, then no one else will in our generation. That I
can bet. please YSK, the Kenyan youth have hope in you to make their
leadership come true. Remember, the one above, God, is watching your steps.
For how long will we the youth wait for tomorrow in order to lead? It never
comes. What we forget is, ‘the present is gone and the future is now.’
Rhetoric should end. The leaders should choose to either factor in the
youth in their projects or pack up and leave. Its non-negotiable.


Civic education and empowerment liberates the masses. Dialogue can bring
harmony. Why then should leaders our leaders decline to meet the
representatives of the youth for discussions? This people are not
interested in hand-outs like you are used to. They seek to debunk all this
and restore sanity of believing in ideology like it used to be in the past.
Swallow your pride and discuss with YSK or else watch yourselves crumble
down the ladder. YSK is our promised black messiah. Forward together.


Embracing and supporting YSK activities benefits both the youth and your
bid. I can foresee the end of an era. Dear politician, please forgive me
for bringing forth a 5 year strategic plan that will see the youth take
over the mantle of leadership. But you still have time to strategize. Don’t
forget that you can’t cheat all the people all the time. You got one
option, shape up or ship out.

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