Our Director General took stage early this month in a forum that provided a platform for young leaders from 8 Eastern African countries to come together, learn from each other, discuss challenges they face, share experiences and way forward on building democratic governance as well as free and economically just society.

Sankale Ole Kantai who also represented Kenya at the Young Leaders Forum, received an open invitation from the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA). The meeting took place from 1st to 3rdNovember in Dar-es-Salaam with the key theme of “Connecting Young Leaders Today.”

The annual event successfully drew together 100 young leaders from social movements, politics, social enterprises and public institutions to discuss issues around the role of young people in positively transforming their communities.

The Director General led a presentation on how best youths could work to ensure that African integration is achieved. Also speaking at the summit were powerful speakers like Prof Patrick Lumumba, Edwin Bruno (Forbes Under 30 List), Mburu Gitu (OSIEA Regional Director), Patrick Ongodia (Council for African Policy), Humphrey Polepole (Ubungo District Commisioner) among others.

In attendance were development partners, influential speakers, change makers, private sector and government representatives. The participants tackled a range of theme including Technology for Good, Social Movements, Sustainable Development Goals, Gender and Development, Education & Civic Engagement, Democratic Governance and Business and Entrepreneurship.

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