Who is a youth? As you scrub your head and ponder on what to say, I will love to bring to your attention that my understanding regarding this term is clear. Any person aging between 12 and 35 years falls in this bracket of being referred to as a youth. I will talk about this endangered species in Kenya today. Youths of this beautiful nation face a lot of challenges inter alia: inequality, corruption, poverty, cultism, drug addiction, HIV/AIDs endemic and also juvenile delinquency.
Youths face unprecedented challenges in their capacity to access public resources and family resources, stemmed from waves of cultural and economic globalization. The youths are a major source of human capital and key agents for socio-cultural, economic, and political development as well as technological innovation worldwide. Their imaginations, ideas, energies and visions are essential for the continuing development of societies. Their training, development, intellectual perspectives and productive abilities are key determinants of the progress and future of societies. In this regard, I therefore compel the government to act in all manner to ensure that we don’t victimize this important specie.
Universities need to equip youths with relevant skills, knowledge and cultural values needed to face the challenges of after school life. Lack of these; have resulted to young people failing to get placement in the white collar jobs and also failure to create economic opportunities for themselves in the informal sectors. There is need to relate the educational system to the job market.
Youths are eager to contribute their quota through investment of their energies in the social-economic development of the societies. In addition, they deserve to be absorbed into socio-economic system in order to change the old order. This can be done once the government will ensure that youths’ affairs are entirely being handled by the youths and not the old guys. Its ironical to find the office intended to be serving the youths are completely filled with old people only to find a young man who is not in anywhere closer to the office but rather is a sweeper or a gate man.

My small mind understands that youths constitute a unique group within the society. They are often considered one of the most vulnerable groups within the social fabric, and also regarded as the greatest source of hope for the nation’s future. In this regard, the government should and must ensure that all the allocated funds are entirely used to benefits the youths in terms of creating room for innovations and promoting the same. We must promote and cultivate the spirit of self reliance in our youths. This concept is located within the discourse of the community development not to forget that it encompasses the spirit of independence.
Kenya should not only be flag independent but also independent in our reasoning. This extends to the politics where the youths are the tools used by some unreliable politicians to cause mayhem which as a result promoting political intolerance. Unemployment is another social issue that every nation deals with regularly. Even those countries regarded as the most developed still battle with the same issue. Indeed, the classical economists averred that there can never be a situation of total employment in any economy. However, it’s of my opinion that our country should make this as low as possible. This is a country where you find 70% of those willing and even qualified to work are not given opportunities simply because corruption is the call of the day. It’s my appeal to the government to create room for qualified individuals to get jobs. We admit that we still have a lot of untapped industrial opportunities which need to be exploited. The government should also look into the tax issue. We should not impose heavy taxes to young entrepreneurs simply because we will be killing these businesses.
In conclusion, the government should also finance sporting activities since these promote unity and also help in fighting social vices in the society. Kenya must implement all the possible remedies to ensure that the young generation is catered for lest we fall into either the fourth, fifth or even sixth country if they exist.

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